Good MorninG’s Ghee

We all know that our mornings are filled with freshness and energy but we also know this fact that this energy can’t lift us up whole day. So how about an energy that will keep you active round the clock? Be it 9 in the morning or 6 in the evening! Presenting Good Morning’s Dairy Products, made with 100% Cow Milk and powered with Biotin, Beta-carotene, Omega 3 and Calcium.

Good Morning’s Granayulaa Cow Ghee is made from pure cow’s milk by adopting a traditional Vedic process. It has a unique aroma, granular texture, and best quality, making it one of the best ghee brands.
Good Morning’s Gryanulaa Cow Ghee is enriched with Vitamin A, D, E, and K. These are essential to a wide range of body functions and good for the overall immune system.
Make mouthwatering sweets, dishes and delicacies with Good Morning’s Granayulaa ghee!

Morning Ki Taaqat Har Waqt

Ghee Product Range

good mornings cow ghee
Gryanulaa Cow Ghee
  • Made from Cow’s Milk.
  • Granular with Rich Aroma
  • Contains Natural Beta Carotene
  • Shelf Life -12 months
  • ISO 22000 Certified processes
  • Available in Jar: 100 ml., 200 ml., 500 ml. & 1 Ltr.
  • Polypack: 500 ml. & 1 Ltr.
  • Ceka Pack: 200 ml., 500 ml. & 1 Ltr.

Jar Range

Ceka Pack Range

Polypack Range