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About The Kute Group Dairy

kute sons dairy farms

Cow’s milk is a good source of calcium and protein, enriched with vitamins and nutrients. The Kute Group Dairy by The Kute Group was established to provide the best quality cow milk and milk products to make your morning healthy and happy.

From kids to the elderly, milk forms a part of our diet in one or the other way. Hence it is essential to use the milk that’s best for you and your loved ones. For that perfect tea and to make your deserts more fun, get started with Good MorninG’s® Milk and Milk Products.

Our state of the art and advanced dairy plants ensure the quality of our milk is rich, and we strive to maintain it by taking proper care during all stages from the collection, processing to packaging.

Plants Detail

Kute Sons Dairys Limited

Unit I :

Kute Sons Dairys Limited

S.No. 406/407, A/P.Nimbhore,

Tal. Phaltan, Dist. Satara,

Maharashtra – 415 523, India.

ISO-22000 Certified

Unit II :

Kute Sons Fresh Dairy Pvt. Ltd

G.No. 120/4, JavKheda (Khalas),

Tal. Pathardi, Dist. Ahmednagar,

Maharashtra – 414 505, India.

Kute Sons Fresh Dairy Pvt Ltd